Friday, June 21, 2013


Well it's official . . . . I've had to discontinue this challenge. I'm SO UPSET right now, but I've literally tried everything I can think of and nothing is fixing the crash-to-desktop problem. I tried moving them to a new town/new save. I tried deleting the current babies (which I'm pretty sure they're the problem) and instant-baby-replacing them with all new versions and I still have the same problem. As soon as I try to take screenshots, the game crashes to desktop. *gusty sigh*

I'd just like to thank everybody who made the long crazy journey with me to 50 babies at least. Your comments and encouragement made it all worth while. I'm super sorry to everybody who took the time to make daddy-donations and never got the chance to be used. I still have all the links and I'm going to try and put some of them in my other legacy towns to hopefully procreate and make possible future-spouse material.

And I'm sorry it had to come down to this. D: Ugh.

If you'd like to read other stuff by me, check out the 'My Sims Blogs' tab. Otherwise, peace-out.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Back in the 'Saddle' Again

We're back everybody! Fresh off that 50th Baby Bash and, as the title implies, ready to get back into that baby-makin' saddle. But first! Holly has to take care of her gardening.

She managed to find a Harvester in the consignment shop. I'm pretty sure this is my first time actually using one. I wasn't terribly impressed . . . just having her 'tend garden' seems a lot faster. Maybe it's different if you have a huge crop. Meh.

But enough of that! A wild Baby-Daddy appears! Baby-Mama Holly, I choose you! . . . 


This lovely redhead here is 123StarStrukk's Avery Star. (Sorry he has the wrong hair, I hadn't gotten around to reinstalling my store content yet). Looks like a redheaded baby is gonna be a given with #51+. :P

Holly's baby-making senses were tingling, so she wasted no time in introducing herself.

HOLLY - Hi. You have red hair. That's my favorite color. Lets make babies.

AVERY - *still too smitten to properly process that*


AVERY - I have high hopes of being able to make it big, here. You're a Five-Star Celebrity, I heard you were the woman to see about making contacts for your career and such.

HOLLY - Oh . . . well, I think there's a certain production that's coming up soon that I can get you in on the ground floor of.

AVERY - Really?! What is it?

HOLLY - *tackle-snog*

AVERY - Wha-what? I-I don't . . . what was . . . .

HOLLY - I'll make you a deal, Avery. Give me a baby and I guarantee you'll be one of the next top actors in Aurora Skies within the year.

I think that's a deal he can get behind. ^_~

All of Holly's LTH rewards on top of the fact that she's instant BFFs with someone as soon as she meets them . . . and they never really stand a chance. XD The Heat of the Moment Kiss interaction is rather convenient for a baby-mama, since it moves them into Romantic Interests automatically.

Holly, veteran that she is, doesn't skimp on the regular woo-ing either, though. She's got a rep to maintain after all.

She soon moved things over to the sauna. Notice Cosgrove there, lending his moral support.

COSGROVE - O, lala! It iz time to tap zat, non? 

HOLLY - Just ignore the gnomes. You'll be better off.

AVERY - Duly noted.

Holly soon begins to work her seduction magic. His expression brings the phrase 'putty in her hands' to mind. :P

And . . . then she got up. Holly, what gives?

HOLLY - . . . more steam.

XD ! (obscure Pirates of the Caribbean reference)

'More Steam' indeed! ^_~ Baby jingles were had and then Avery promptly dismissed after assuring him she'd be getting in touch with her movie-making contacts very soon.

Holly's a woman of her word, after all.

A combination of the Motive Mobile being ridonkulously slow on top of Holly having an obscene amount of simoleons prompted me to buy her this FreshPrince CC Lamborghini. It suits her, I think. :P

The miner was another lucky consignment shop find. Needing rocks and gems for alchemy, Holly decided to put it to use rather than wander all over the neighborhood. Luckily her lot is far enough away from others that she didn't get any irate neighbors yelling.

Her digging eventually revealed a hidden cave system. Holly jumped down to explore before incoming baby-bumps prevented such activities.

Uuum . . . ah . . . ahahahahah!

HOLLY - -_-*

I forget what exactly happened to her to get her singed, but she was definitely done with cave exploration after that.

The trip wasn't completely in vain, however! She managed to find another gnome for the collection! Everyone meet Mr. Miyagi the Chinese Gnome!

After a shower and a few hours of relaxation, Holly had to refill in the massive hole she'd made.

HOLLY - I'm not doing that again. Don't ever make me do that again. I'll revolt.

I think her spelunking days are over.

And besides, for the most part the potion she needs to make the most often--the Invigoration Elixir--doesn't require any rocks or gems. She just needs Wolfsbane, and Spotlight Mushrooms for the potent version.

Holly finally popped while still researching away. She was lucky this time, not once did she get morning sickness. But more importantly . . . yaaaaaay, new baby!

In no time at all she had the bump and the waddle.

It's preggers time, so we all know what THAT means . . . KEY LIME PIE! Thanks to LTH rewards, Holly rarely eats anyway. Like . . . once every 2 or 3 days. She's like a snake . . . a baby-mama-python!

After pie, one of her fellow baby-mamas, Sapphire, called up for a chat. Of course conversation gravitated toward the baby topics.

HOLLY - Of COURSE I'm going to buy the baby red shoes. Red is my favorite color. 

Yes, Holly. I think by now EVERYbody knows that red is your favorite color . . . -_-*

Backaches rear their ugly faces, so our intrepid baby-machine makes a trek out to the spa after her daily consignment shop search. She spent the rest of the day getting the 7k package.

And then I ruined it all by forcing the heavily pregnant woman to go out and do all her gardening in high-heels . . . XD

Now would be a good time to mention that, for the time being, the weather in Aurora Skies has been locked into summer time. I'm gonna keep it that way til she has a decent stock of the alchemy ingredients she needs, then turn it back to normal.

After gardening, other chores were seen to. Like her daily influx of gifts from desperate admirers and former baby-daddies.

HOLLY - I still can't figure out how the mail-person manages to stuff these in here . . .

But suddenly . . . 


So do I!! BABY!!1!!!111!!!1

Since she was alone, Holly opted for a hospital delivery. And then she had to deal with THIS lady's flack. WTH, lady?

HOLLY - She's just jealous. *not even fazed*

Aww, look who decided to be a good guy and show up for the birth of his kid(s)!

AVERY - Of course I'd be here! My agent said it would be great publicity.

. . . don't ruin it, Avery. -_-

Introducing baby #51, Fern Wood! Fern was born with the traits Perceptive and Evil, hence the skully t-shirt. She has her daddy's green eyes and has her mama's red hair . . . now.

She decided to make a liar out of me and be born with random blond hair. >_< I cheated and changed it. But I DID randomly determine whether she would get her mother's or her father's hair color.

Even with dice, Holly's super-genes will not be contained.


The gnomes are all being quite active lately. Leo and Midnight do an epic showdown in the rain over this Porcini mushroom . . .

Ralphie just wants to remind everybody that he has ice cream. And that it is delicious.

Reginald just wants to remind everybody that he's still senile. For realsies.

And Jarvis wants to remind everyone that PEACE and LOVE are there for the taking!

REGINALD - You better be glad there's a fence between us you dryer-riding menace!

MR. MIYAGI - Quick, Cosgrove! Get him before he gets away again!

COSGROVE - Oui oui! *running pose*


REGINALD - You all tried to restrain me, now you're gonna pay the price! One pot shot into the pool! . . . Dammit, get out from behind the house and take your punishment like a man, Snuggles!

SNUGGLES - But I'm not a man, I'm a teddy bear!


The next morning all the other gnomes had been properly subdued by their one true Gnome-King. :P

That's it for this installment! Join us next time as Holly skills up Fern and sets about adding more babies to her brood. And see how the gnomes fare . . . is there a gnome-rebellion on the horizon? We'll see soon enough!

Until then, happy simming!

Monday, May 27, 2013

The 50'th Baby Celebration Bash (AT LAST!)

Holy Plumbobs Batman! It's an Outta the Wood Work update! And I've got good news! Today is FINALLY the day we'll get this 50th Baby Party out of the way! It's also an extra long update to make up for the delay--.

THYME - Oh, look at that Righty. The Sim-Deity thinks that posting an 'extra long' update makes up for ignoring us for three whole months.

But I was having computer problems--!

THYME - Silence! I'll hear none of your lies!

THYME - You played your other files before the lag took over. I mean, look at me! I haven't even gotten a University make-over yet!

But-but . . . playing one teenager and an uuber sim in a 100-BC file is kinda boring . . .

THYME - Enough, Sim-Deity! You are here-by dead to me, you hear?! Dead!

Soo . . . I guess that means I can just close this file and go back to my other games then? If I'm dead and all . . .

THYME - Your sarcasm does not amuse me. >:[

After taking me to task, Thyme--the 50th baby born to this 100 BC--floated off to play some chess on the computer.

As mentioned last time, we're counting down until Thyme is aged up to YA, moved out and then Holly will throw an epic party to celebrate hitting the half-way mark to this challenge. Her guest list will include all of the baby-mamas and daddies that I have planted in the neighborhood. I'm making myself wait until Thyme has at least reached an A in school so I can roll for his trait.

In the meantime, Holly practices her meditation.

And glowy, floaty serenity is reached.

But that night, an unwanted visitor thought he might sneak in to the Wood household. Totally ignoring the burglar alarm on the wall RIGHT THERE . . .

CRIMINAL - *tip-toeing sneakily*

BIGGLESWORTH - He's not serious, is he?


CRIMINAL - Oh noes! An alarm! Waaaaaagh!

. . . -_- . . .

And yet, despite his ineptitude, he still manages to get away from the cops.

LADY COP - Sorry about that, Ms. Wood! We'll get him for sure next time!

HOLLY - *sigh* Just gtfo so I can go back to sleep, please.

Except no, sleep would not be coming for Holly tonight.

HOLLY - Aiyeeeeeeeeee! Not again!!!

A visit to the consignment shop netted the household another gnome! Meet Leo, the Sculptor Gnome!

And it's here that the Woods are finally brought up to speed with the current EPs. Thyme got a make-over accordingly, because that hair from Uni was MADE for him.

I also spruced up the backyard playground in anticipation of new babies sooooooon. I can't wait. I need Supernatural childrenz, for realsies. 

As a reminder, I'm taking supernatural Daddy Donations and there's still a lot of types that haven't been made yet. Check the list on the first post of the forum page (link found here).

I decided to have Holly take a break from simfu and learn Alchemy instead, since the potions and elixirs will come in handy. The station started outside, then eventually moved into her bedroom once I made room for it.

Thyme taking care of Sonic the Hedgehog's cage. :P

We got a visit from the Llama Mascot advertising for Uni.

For giggles I sent Holly over to learn from her/it.

And then, this. Gnome Mascot for the Wood-Work Baby Challenge? Hellz yes. I had her do the dance, and much lolz were had.

HOLLY - I'm glad you're getting so much entertainment out of this . . . *grumble-grumble* Friggin' embarrassing . . .

Aw, quit your bellyaching. You're not making babies right now, so you have to entertain me somehow.

Being a little genius, Thyme enjoys exercising his logic skill the most often. Here he is searching the galaxy, since he had a wish to discover a celestial body.

BIGGLESWORTH - Hellooooooo . . . hellOOOOOOO!

The cats don't really do much lately . . . .

The same can't be said for the gnomes. The family finally groups back up together--for the most part--behind the soccer net. For those who might need a reminder - The Elder Gnome is Reginald. The Teen Gnome is Jarvis. The Vampire Gnome is Midnight the Dark and the Freezer Bunny Gnome is Ralphie.

The Laundry Gnome Bear is Snuggles . . .

Deciding to be rebels, Cosgrove the French Gnome and Leo decided to hang out by the pool that night instead of with everybody else.

The next day Thyme decided he didn't want to come home after school, and randomly went to the art museum and played chess there instead. Okay? . . . I have no idea. XD

After doing his homework there, he finally came home and I sent him into the photo-booth to take silly pictures because . . . reasons. Without siblings and having less time in the house, Thyme won't shine quite as much as his previous siblings but to me he makes an awesomely adorable nerdy/crazy ghost.

I also had him take the Uni aptitude test because I'd yet to have any sim try it. He actually got a partial scholarship, since he has like . . . 7 points in logic.

And since it was a full moon (if the weird green lighting didn't give it away, surprise!) he got attacked by a zombie shortly afterward. Luckily his super-powerful-ghostly lung-power saved him. After that it was time to float through the walls into his bedroom and go to sleep. :P

HOLLY - Oh for the love of---! Again?! 

Yeah . . . Holly is another sim of mine that CONSTANTLY gets abducted. I guess the Aliens want to learn from her expertise in procreation. XD

Now that Holly's learning alchemy--and because I'm too lazy to send her around to manually gather up most ingredients--she takes daily visits to the Consignment shop and Alchemy Store. We ran across Myrtle (baby #46) having a chat with her dad, Levi Mahoney.

REGINALD - I'd like to call this first Gnome Assembly to order! We have important matters to discus-- . . . dammit, where's Ralphie?!

MIDNIGHT - Who cares about the rabbit, let's just get this overwith!

REGINALD - Negative! We can't have a proper Gnome Assembly without ALL the gnomes present!

MIDNIGHT - Ugh, forget this crap. I'm out. *poof*

REGINALD - Sonofa---!

MIDNIGHT - I can get more intelligent conversation out of this shrub. -_-*

Holly has planted a few common alchemy ingredients in order to get a decent stock piled up.

We also take the opportunity to catch butterflies and insects when they appear on the corner of the lot. The gnome legends who came before look on proudly as Holly snags a Red Empire Butterfly. At least I think that's what they're called . . . *shifty eyes*

REGINALD - Okay! Finally, we found Ralphie. Now we can . . . dammit, now where the hell is Midnight?!?!?

I don't think Reginald is ever going to get this Gnome Assembly off the ground, poor guy.

Our daily trip to the Consignment shop revealed that the cashier has a toddler son, and brought him with her to work. Good parenting or bad parenting . . . ?

And at the Elixir shop we caught sight of Mulberry (baby #45), reading and relaxing.

Outside, Cactus (baby #30) strolled up, all freshly vampire-fied. Seriously, Holly's two vamp grandsons are slowly trying to convert the whole town . . .

Aww, dangit Cactus! Holly was on her way to catch that butterfly! LAME! I need to adjust my mod settings so it doesn't push townies to collect stuff.

HOLLY - Hey, Lancelot!

CACTUS - Hey! Hey mommy! Hey, didja see me there?

HOLLY - You stole my butterfly, you are dead to me child.

CACTUS - . . . wut?   :<

At last, after four days in school, Thyme managed to net himself an A. Thus he comes home that afternoon to a wonderfully pink (his favorite color) cake.

Mama is sure to cheer him on as he blows out the candles.

THYME - . . . what the crap is this fleshy, corporeal nonsense!

Hehehe whoops. I took him into CAS to edit his clothes, figuring that--since they'd added ghosts to CAS--it wouldn't take away his ghostiness. FYI, it still does.

At any rate, a nice opportunity for you guys to see what Thyme looks like as a regular sim. Quite hawt, if I do say so my own self.

Another quick trip into CAS fixed the mix-up, and he's back to his ghastly self. Thyme Wood rolled Photographer's Eye for his final trait.

Born With - Insane and Genius
Child - Loner
Teen - Schmoozer
YA - Photographer's Eye

LTW - Scientific Specialist

HOLLY - Sorry it was just the two of us, Thyme, but I hope you enjoyed your birthday just the same?

THYME - Certainly, mother! This way I was able to escape the unwanted blast of terror-machine micro-organisms that any party-goers would have brought with them. I believe my elder sister Wysteria refers to them as . . . Bargles?

Oh lordy, the Bargles. XD

THYME - I'm also glad the Sim-Deity managed to recover my ghostliness. After growing up my whole life freely floating through things, I don't I could have acclimated to being corporeal. 

HOLLY - Um . . . I'm glad too, sweetie. Whatever makes you happy.

Conversing with Insane Genius children. Always an adventure.

Thyme received his mom-hug of goodbye, and was promptly released into the stream of Story Progression.

I also made the decision to send both of the cats with him. A 100 BC house is busy enough without having to worry about pets, and they weren't doing much of anything anyway. So bye-bye Queen Anne's Lace and Mr. Bigglesworth! Many happy years and caught critters wished upon you!

PECAN'S PORTRAIT - Wait? What the shit is this?! Why is his picture so much bigger than ours?!

PINE'S PORTRAIT - *sigh* New phone, takes better quality photos.


I very much like the better picture quality, aside from the fact that all of my previous pictures will look weird in comparison. Oh well, I'll count myself lucky that I still HAVE the first 50 photos despite multiple town and save-file changes.

And then, just like that, Holly was alone in the house. For the first time in 50 consecutive children. She took a moment to quickly read an alchemy recipe, then got on her phone (forgot to take a shot, FAILSAUCE) and dialed up all her baby-mama/daddy friends!


((Fair warning, it's been quite a while since I originally downloaded and installed some of these sims, so some of them have alternate attire/hairstyles. Hopefully it's okay. ^_^ ))

The backyard got a quick overhaul into a more 'adult' playground for the occasion. ^_~

Before the guests arrive Holly piles on some logs for the bonfire.

Then she sat at the bubble machine and got high on enjoyed some Cotton Candy bubbles.

The very first guest to arrive, fittingly enough, is Jessu's Aisling Burton! Also freshly vampy-fied thanks to her vampire husband, Aspen (baby #2).

AISLING - Party time! :D

The mixologist that Holly hired messes with the juice keg rather than mix any actual drinks. I didn't realize until after the party that it was probably because I'd bought a regular bar, not a Late-Night one. Oh well.

Next to arrive was Pixzi's Bethany Snowden.

BETHANY - Babies?

Not yet, after this party!

BETHANY - . . . well I'm gonna go, then.

And she did, lol. I'm guessing she probably had work. Oh well, it was nice to see you however briefly, Bethany!

To the left we have Amberwaves' Maia Hespepo (the legend) and to the right, Froggiesim's Fiona Welle.

FIONA - Ready to get your party on, Maia?

MAIA - You bet. :)

Next on the lot was Trishg21's Maxine Faradi.

MAXINE - Yay, my friend Holly! I haven't seen her in ages! This outta be fun!

Here's hoping! My track record with parties isn't exactly stellar . . .

Our next arrival is ANiles06's Emberlynn Smith.

EMBERLYNN - Yay party! <3

And then Malsq9's Sarah Jett showed up, with Holly's son Parsley (baby #43) deciding to unexpectedly crash.

SARAH - . . . the look on his face tells me he's up to no good.

Given that he's the town Gigolo . . . yeah, that's a safe bet.

Rounding out the initial wave of party-goers is JagPacker26's Robert Mahoney. Looks like he also has some romantic plans for this massive gathering of fertile females.

ROBERT - Wooo, gonna score!

I'd argue that but given the guest list . . . yah, that's probably a given.

AISLING - Guuuuuurrrrrll, you're lookin good! 50 babies and still hawt!

HOLLY - *still too involved in bubble-blowing to notice or care about her guests*

That was soon to change, though, when she asked Aisling to help her do a keg stand. Whoa, fierce face of concentration is fierce! O_o Aisling is srs bznz, and Holly looks a little unsure about this latest plan . . .

She manages not to drop Holly on her face though, so win! Maia's pretty darned amused by it all, while Maxine has already changed into her swimwear in preparation to go play on the slip'n'slide.

She knows where her priorities lie.

Fashionably late, our next arrival is Spidergr1l's Melody Sky.

MELODY - I heard there was a party going on out this way!

You heard rightly. 

MELODY - Well that's all I needed to see. Catch you later!

... Dangit. Another of the show-up-and-then-ditch category. Oh well.

Back in the back yard, Emberlynn has wasted NO time in zeroing in on one of the only two males present.

EMBERLYNN - Pretty flowers yes? *intense face*

PARSLEY - Ooo, roses! I love roses!

You horn-dog you.

EMBERLYNN - . . . are you talking to me or Parsley?

Yes. XD

See? Maxine is all about the slip'n'slide. And apparently that's giving Sarah a headache? Not sure about that one . . . lol.

Maia and Fiona both said 'screw it' to the drama in the backyard and headed for the hot-tub in the side yard instead.

Since the mixologist was a waste of space, Holly made some drinks herself. Complete with multi-colored sparkle backdrop.

Parsley finished flirting with Emberlynn, and went straight to dancing with Sarah.

EMBERLYNN - Oh no she didn't.

I fear that she did. Hehehe.

Aisling took her laptop and decided to be anti-social in the house. What gives, Aisling?! 

AISLING - I have to update my Facebook status.

ROBERT - Hello ladies. *eyebrow waggle*

Robert found himself in the hot tub with Maia and Fiona.

And then Writergurl97's Evangeline Dixon arrived on the scene . . . now would probably be a good time to mention that Parsley is currently dating Evangeline with a child-aged daughter together . . . .

EVANGELINE - *urge to murder . . . rising . . . .*

Ooooh snap.

Sure enough, Evangeline wasted no time in laying into him something fierce for his cheaty-ness.

EVANGELINE - Ugh! I can't BELIEVE you! You came to this party on purpose so you could meet 'easy' women, didn't you!

EMBERLYNN - He's getting yelled at. Lawl. This amuses me.

Another late arrival was Dahanain13's Sapphire Thorne. Still a vampire, after getting turned by one of the grandsons last chapter.

SAPPHIRE - Hai guys! What'd I miss?!

Uuuum . . .

Evangeline and Parsley continued to throw insults and accusations back and forth, with varying levels of attentive audience.

EMBERLYNN - Okay, I'm over this. Bored now.

Parsley implied that Evangeline's mother was a llama. Evangeline b*tch-slapped him accordingly. Bad Parsley, bad!! I know Holly raised you better than that!

Ignoring the drama, Robert helped Sarah do a keg-stand. And I'm certain there are absolutely NO ulterior motives for that, too . . . .

SAPPHIRE - Here, have some flowers!

EMBERLYNN - OMP, yay! I love flowers!

PARSLEY AND EVANGELINE - *still fighting*

Emberlynn took the flowers from Sapphire, but then immediately Accused of Being a Vampire.

EMBERLYNN - Ew, I can't take those pointy teeth. You need to back up plz. Minimum safe distance of twenty feet, kthxbai.

SAPPHIRE - Well that's kinda lame . . .

Not long after this, Evangeline had enough of Parsley's nonsense and left. He still stuck around for a little bit, though.

Very, very fashionably late we have CrysCringle's Molly Darkness, who brought some food along at least, to make up for her tardiness.

MOLLY - Something tells me I missed the show.

Well, look who we have here. XD Former baby-daddy and current Town Casanova, apparently Remedy Mars decides to show up to show Parsley how it's done.

Holly went ahead and dismissed the mixologist, since he wasn't doing anything but getting in the way. He randomly started sobbing on her shoulder afterward. XD

COMB-OVER MIXOLOGIST - Oh noooes! Now how will I pay for college?!

HOLLY - Um, sorry guy? I'm still paying you, after all . . . . are you done hugging me yet?


Yah, I think that was just an excuse to cop a feel. XD

Meanwhile, Maia and Fiona are STILL in the hot tub. I suddenly realized that Fiona was actually skinny-dipping, too.

Holly seizes the opportunity for some mischief.

She tip-toed aaaaallllll the way round the house to steal Fiona's clothes. And they are Fiona's even though she's thinking about Maia for some reason. Ms. Hespepo is clothed in her bathing-suit.

Whatcha doin, Parsley?

PARSLEY - I'm drinking away my feelings. D:

Yeah, well . . . you brought that on yourself, buddy.

Sarah took over Maxine's spot on the slip'n'slide.

While Molly took Robert aside for a bracing conversation about exercise equipment. Remedy decided he'd like to spend a boozy party of 90% women reading a book . . . fail on the Casanova, there buddy. Just sayin.

MAXINE - So, I guess after that big screaming match with Evangeline you're gonna be single soon, huh?

PARSLEY - Yep, looks that way.

No, Maxine! You're married to Cactus and just gave birth to his son! (Named Timber, btw, ^_^ ). Luckily asking his relationship status was as far as she took it before wandering off again.

Sapphire is still monopolizing Emberlynn's time. They've started a no doubt fascinating conversation about the weather.

This wouldn't be a Wood-Work function without the gnomes. They decided to join the festivities over by the hot tub.

And then Emberlynn wandered away from Sapphire to throw test tubes into the bonfire instead. More than once. Her crazy-face . . . it scares me.

Holly finally lured Aisling out of the house by asking to take some silly photos together in the photo booth. They were successful. :D

And then Aisling stripped down to her skin and hopped into the hot tub with the other two.  -_-*

Sarah's suddenly in her outerwear because the temperature dropped into the 30s, even though it's Spring. So now everybody's gonna get cold. Laaaame.

Oh well. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. XD

Remedy finally got up from reading his book . . . to talk to Molly about more books. *sigh*

Sapphire gets her groove on solo, while Parsley takes over the slip'n'slide duties for a bit.

Robert missed all the fun out in the hot tub, as he'd decided to go inside and play on the computer instead.

Hah, Karma decided to bite our baby-mama in the butt, as somebody stole HER clothes.

It was at this point that a lot of the guests started to scatter, since it was nearing midnight. Sapphire continues to boogie-down though.

And Emberlynn manages to talk Remedy into a dance. Unfortunately her hygiene has tanked in the meantime . . . She left not long after that, because of it.

Holly joined Sapphire and got down with the Smustle.

Do the Smustle!

MAIA - Eh . . . I'd rather not.

Well at least you got out of the hot tub finally.

Molly needs to get her drink on, STAT.

And now Sapphire got bit by the Smustle bug.

MOLLY - Oh, wait. Wat iz she doin?!


MOLLY - Holly already had him once before, she can't use the same baby-daddy twice! That's against the rules!

There's nothing saying she can't make him slow-dance, though. Seriously, Remedy is still one of my all-time favorites for Holly.

And then Aisling watches Remedy and Holly dance . . . creeper-style . . . 

AISLING - My creator also made him, so in a way, I am responsible for that . . . yah, you're welcome.

And finally, last but not least, Jessieandrex's poor Kleo Skye showed up right at the last minute and declared the party epic before turning right back around and going home.

Fiona? . . . did you really spend the ENTIRE party in the hot tub?

FIONA - Yes. And regrets . . . I have none.

Well there you have it, folks! Holly's 50'th Baby Celebration Bash is officially over! I hope you enjoyed seeing all the baby-mamas/daddies, the ones that actually stayed/arrived on time that is.

For one of MY parties (which are always Epic Fail) I have to say that I think it went rather well! All things considered . . . lol

But join us next time as Holly has finally raced over the half-way mark and is now in the second leg of the journey to 100. New babies next time, and until then, happy simming!